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Christmas Tree Safety

How dangerous is a Christmas Tree fire?

Note: flashpoint of fabrics reached in 20 seconds, other furniture in 30 seconds, room destroyed in 45 seconds.
(Video from NIST, requires RealPlayer.)

As you will hear from FEMA and elsewhere, do what I do:

  • Get a fresh tree
  • Have it cut in your presence (the trunk of a tree sort of "heals" over time and doesn't absorb water as well).
  • Keep your tree watered.
  • Use a sturdy stand
  • Keep your tree watered.
  • Keep the tree away from exits and sources of heat
  • Keep your tree watered.
  • Use only lights approved by a testing laboratory; turn them off when you go to bed
  • Keep your tree watered.
  • Get rid of the candles and closely monitor all other sources of ignition

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